Overview of Opertivo

Business Operations Management Software For Entrepreneurs

Business Operations Management Software Built For Entrepreneurs By An Entrepreneur. With Opertivo, you can effortlessly organize, manage, and track pertinent business data to help drive business decisions. 


To become the #1 most-trusted business operations management tool for entrepreneurs globally. 


To streamline, automate, and eliminate non-mission-critical tasks for entrepreneurs; thereby enabling them to focus on their customers and grow their businesses.


Opertivo is the product of our founder and CEO, Todd Hinson’s, vision to simplify business operations for entrepreneurs everywhere.


Hinson has an MBA in Finance and packs many years’ worth of experience helping solo and small businesses manage their operations. When his mother launched a solo law practice, he watched her excel at her work but struggle with the operations side of her business. She had access to several legal practice management tools that helped her manage case matters efficiently. However, the workflows were either way too complicated or rudimentary, at best.


Hinson leveraged his professional expertise to find solutions to the unique challenges encountered by his attorney mother. Chiefly is a product of these efforts.


With feedback from his mother and other practicing attorneys, Hinson has perfected his platform to be feature-rich, easy to use, and fast.


We are anticipating late 2022 launch. Stay tuned!